Ketones in an Aging Audience

Ketones in an Aging Audience

We've all had them, sluggish days when we just feel off. Our bodies are tired and our brains have gone on a walkabout. Imagine feeling like that all the time.

Unfortunately, cognitive decline and its effects are a real risk as we age. Fortunately, we can do something about it.

Exogenous ketone supplements, like Cognitive Switch, switch on our bodies' natural ketosis process, boosting our brains to stave off cognitive decline and improve physical energy.

Follow Mark and Kerrie, an active Brisbane, Australia-based couple with a physically demanding lifestyle, who participated in our diary study to demonstrate the true effects of Cognitive Switch on mental and physical performance.

The results are eye-opening.

What Are Ketones And Why Are They Important?

Ketones are organic compounds that burn fat and turn it into energy. This is important because the more ketones your body produces, the better it becomes at burning fat. The more efficiently your body burns fat, the more energy you have to beat physical and mental lethargy.

One of the most important benefits has to do with cognitive health. Researchers at the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience at the University of Rochester have found that ketones are critical in maintaining the health of several networks in the brain's hippocampus. Their findings support the conclusions of other studies that show ketones alleviate neurological and cognitive decline.

Research has shown that ketone ester supplements support many of the brain's cognitive functions. The C8 Ketone Di-ester found in Cognitive Switch induces your body to produce more, robust ketones (souped-up brain fuel) that enhance mental clarity and brain health in general.

Overview of the Study

We wanted to conduct the diary study to demonstrate Cognitive Switch's effectiveness in its most popular demographic, which is primarily people who are 50+ years of age. That's not all, however, as it also includes younger people who want to proactively prevent cognitive decline and anyone with a head injury that poses a risk to brain health.

Relevance was essential to the study, which is why we wanted a couple in their 50s or 60s. Mark and Kerrie Blencowe were perfect representatives of the demographic. They both lead very active lives that are physically and mentally demanding. They presented the opportunity to test the effectiveness of Cognitive Switch's benefits on both levels, cognitive and fitness.

The 30-day study began on Thursday the 25th of April 2024.

Daily Experiences and Observations

The couple provided feedback on serving size and energy levels every day that they used Cognitive Switch. Below we provide a summary of a few of the day's results.

Thursday 25 April

Mark started with one full scoop and said it was gluggy to drink.
Kerrie started with half a scoop and said it was hard to drink it all.

Both agreed that it was flavourless.

Friday 26 April

Mark is not a sound sleeper but had a reasonably good night.

He drank a full scoop early and went cycling. He felt energised even though he pushed himself hard.

Kerrie slept well.

She drank half a scoop early and another half mid-afternoon. She reported great energy levels and mental clarity throughout the day.

Saturday 27 April

Mark had an early night and slept very well.

He drank one scoop early and went for an exceptional run, then a strong swim and felt great cycling on Windtrainer in the afternoon.

He reported mental clarity and enhanced focus which he attributed to Cognitive Switch.

Kerrie woke feeling refreshed. She drank half a scoop and went on an 8km walk, then a steller 5km Park Run, followed by a swim-fit class. Kerrie had half a scoop mid-afternoon and then taught the "best ever" BREATH class.

She felt clear and focused the entire day.

Sunday 28 April

Mark drank one scoop early and had a sterling 60-70km cycle with noticeably higher energy levels. He looked forward to the scoop of Cognitive Switch and the resulting heightened clarity, focus, and energy.

Kerrie woke up feeling sluggish but after her half scoop of Cognitive Switch, she went for a revitalising 60-70 km cycle followed by an 8km walk.

She felt acute mental clarity, focus, energy, and chattiness all day.

Monday 29 April

Mark drank a scoop early and had an OK run. It wasn't a great day mentally so he had a very early night.

Kerrie drank half a scoop in the morning and felt alert and focused but started to flag towards the afternoon. She also went to bed early and slept soundly.

Tuesday 30 April

Mark drank his early scoop of Cognitive Switch and went cycling. He felt clear-headed and alert throughout the day, even during an indoor cycle in the afternoon.

Kerrie drank her first half scoop at midday. She had reflux/indigestion, so she skipped her second scoop. She still felt strong the whole day. Kerrie reported noticeably sharper thinking and felt alert all afternoon - significant due to an underactive thyroid.

Wednesday 1 May

Mark drank his morning scoop and went for a run in the dark. He rolled his ankle badly and excruciating pain dampened the day. He perked up for windtraining at home.

Kerrie had her half-scoops during the day but had lingering reflux again. Kerrie attended a funeral, followed by a full workday. She stayed mentally sharp and avoided the afternoon slump again.

Thursday 2 May

Mark forgot his morning scoop, and despite his injury felt fine during a morning group cycle. He felt fine the whole, tiring day.

Kerrie took a quarter scoop to avoid reflux. She still felt energised for the whole day, including a late family dinner night.

Friday 3 May

Mark drank his morning scoop and cycled but didn't feel the zing as on previous mornings. He still worked hard all day and got a good night's sleep.

Kerrie drank half a scoop of Cognitive Switch in the midafternoon. She had an early bushwalk/hike, which required total physical and mental effort. She felt alert and energetic throughout the afternoon, going for a 30-minute cycle and to a birthday party. She went to bed still feeling great and slept very well that night.

Saturday 4 May

Mark had his usual early scoop and cycle but he said it was only OK. He joined a group swim, which was also only OK. His injury was affecting his mindset.

Kerrie drank her half scoop in the morning and a quarter scoop in the afternoon. She woke up feeling good and went for an 8km walk, followed by the Park Run - which she blitzed. She remained energised and alert until the afternoon so she napped. She woke up feeling refreshed.

Key Findings

The diary study yielded some interesting, largely positive results.

It was good to see proof of the cognitive benefits in both Mark and Kerrie. They began to feel more alert, energised and focused almost immediately. The upshot was getting through some very long, trying days.

Kerrie was able to attend a funeral without losing any energy, letting her get all of her daily work done.

Mark was able to accept and manage his injury from a more positive frame of mind, something Kerrie noticed in particular.

The physical results were also positive, although Kerrie experienced greater, more consistent, more noticeable effects.

It was interesting to note that there weren't any significant differences in their mental and physical performance on the occasions when it wasn't possible to drink their Cognitive Switch at the usual time of day. Even when Mark forgot his drink his mental performance remained consistent.

Karrie's physical performance remained strong and her mind was alert when she delayed her morning scoop for her challenging bushwalk.

Cognitive Switch even appeared to provide Mark and Kerrie with the fortitude to manage external stressors more positively.

Benefits of Cognitive Switch for an Ageing Population

Mark and Kerrie had a healthy foundation when they started the study, so the true extent of Cognitive Switch's benefits still needs to be established. However, the benefits the couple experienced were sufficient to improve their daily lives. Imagine what they can do for aging populations as a whole.

The improved mental performance, alertness and focus, combined with enhanced physical performance and sustained energy levels could extend their independence significantly. Not only that, but they could enjoy their independence to the fullest by participating in a vast range of activities.

Those who already experience or are at risk of cognitive decline


The study shows that it pays to start taking Cognitive Switch as early as possible.

Think of the brain as a muscle. Muscles must be exercised to get strong and then to maintain their strength. Cognitive Switch lights the fire that gets your brain going and provides the stamina and endurance to keep it going.

The same goes for your physical strength and stamina. Build a strong foundation that will support your mental and physical health well into old age - whatever your definition of old age happens to be.

Cognitive Switch's unique formula builds that foundation so you can age gracefully and, more importantly, healthily.


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